In 1482, Albany marched into Scotland with Richard, Duke of

Certainly, it hasn’t been an easy decade for him. The New York Times wrote that he has been assaulted by protagonists on both sides: « liberals who saw him as betraying his progressive beliefs in a bid to appease hard line traditionalists, and conservatives who saw him as pandering to reformers bent on wrenching the church from its scriptural moorings. » Divisions over homosexuality and women bishops have been huge. In fact, Williams said the other day that his successor might need the « constitution of an ox and the skin of a rhinoceros. ».

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Ingredients for 16 donuts

For pasta

300 gr of flour 00
300 gr of manitoba flour
12 gr of yeast beer or a sachet of the dry one
300 gr of milk
100 gr of butter at room temperature
2 eggs at room temperature
80 gr of sugar
grated peel of a lemon
a sachet of vanillin
half a teaspoon of salt
For the cream

750 gr of milk
150 gr of sugar
an egg
50 gr of flour 00
50 grams of cornstarch
a sachet of vanillin
lemon peel
150 gr of dark chocolate
For the cover

granulated sugar
To fry
a liter of seed oil


Meanwhile start preparing the cream, because it must have its own time of cooking Continue with the preparation of the mixture for the
Dissolve the crumbled brewer’s yeast in half a glass of warm milk, taken from the
Pour into the bowl of the p lanetaria with hook, the two flours sieved Turn over the dough on the work surface lightly floured, form a ball and transfer it into a bowl slightly
After the time of leavening, take the dough and turn it upside down on the floured work surface, crush it a little with your hands and then proceed to roll it out with a rolling pin to the thickness of 1’5 After the time of the second leavening, heat the oil in a pot and fry the donuts, few for Arrange the donuts so obtained in a tray, engrave the center of each donut with a knife and with the handle of a wooden spoon make a hole, being careful not to pierce the
Exit the two creams from the fridge and work them for a few seconds with the whips With the two creams, fill two pastry pockets with a pointed nozzle and fill the bottles. The donuts with white and chocolate cream are ready to be used. For the presence of the cream, the donuts are vati in
VoI can not consume the donuts Hermes Belt Replica.

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